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Why propmatrix real estate software-for agents
We believe...

Our Services should be affordable

We have developed Web-based Property Management Services that will help you simplify sales management, administration processes, customer relationship & online advertising as economically as possible: less than your monthly tea-coffee expenses. Apart from this, investing in PropMatrix will reduce your technology cost by 50% to 60% compared to your locally installed software.

Management should be simple

Our Management Service is extremely flexible. We want you to be able to use our services easily and without complications, no matter the size of your business.

You should enjoy what you pay for

Our pricing structure is based on the Software as a Service (SAAS) model. This means, you would pay us yearly for using our Service. As you are paying us on a yearly basis, it is our priority to keep you satisfied with the value of what PropMatrix is offering you. We like to think of it this way: PropMatrix is your employee and if you like the work, keep it on your payroll.

Efficiency should be Timeless

There are various advantages of investing in our SAAS model Software as compared to the old licensed software model. While it is initially exciting to know that once you purchase the software it is yours for lifetime, but there are some forgotten disadvantages with such investments. The Real Estate business is changing, growing, and modernizing at an excitingly rapid rate. However, the purchased software can't keep up: it becomes increasingly difficult to use and the necessary updates become an additional costly investment. And this is just in addition to the costs of maintenance, installation and general running of old purchased software.

There are things you just shouldn't have to worry about

We have worked hard to create a Stress-Free Management System. Which means, you do not have to ever worry about
Initial Capital Investment: We do not charge any initial setup cost, like other licensed software
Maintenance Fees: When you need help, we are immediately at your service, free of extra cost
Efficient Use of Software: We provide free ongoing support to help you and your staff to overcome any problem and guide you through new released features
Becoming Outdated: At PropMatrix you always gain immediate access to all new and improved features

You will love what we offer you

At just close to your monthly tea-coffee expenses, we offer you more than just the answer to all your Administrative needs. With your investment you can expect unparalleled excellence that includes

  • Software Usage
  • Automated Installation
  • Server Space
  • Server Maintenance
  • Unlimited Ongoing Support
  • Feature Upgrades
  • Secure, Offsite Data Backup
  • Free Property Advertising
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About PropMatrix Real Estate CRM
PropMatrix is most trusted & best known real estate software as a Service (SaaS) model customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to real estate agents & Developers which makes sales, leasing, business management and marketing of real estate easy and fast.

PropMatrix's extensive features list helps you delight your clients with the professional & personalized touch in all your interactions with them whether you are sending out a report on properties matching their interest or sending a reminder through an SMS before every pre-scheduled site visit.
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