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PropMatrix Partner Program

PropMatrix recognizes that the partners play a significant role in our business. The partner community is entirely focused on delivering successful PropMatrix real estate solution and exceeding customer expectations.

Therefore, we continue to make significant investments in our partners, by supporting them with a partner program that enables them to sell, deliver and manage successful CRM implementations. Our aim is to expand the reach of PropMatrix to more cities and at the same provide a steady stream of revenue for our partners.

Why become a partner?

With a market of over 1, 50,000 customers and still growing, the opportunity to partner with PropMatrix is huge. To name a few:

  • Exposure to a wealth of new business opportunities
  • Up-selling and cross-selling to new and existing customers
  • Collaborative joint selling to drive targeted opportunities
  • Joint marketing initiatives for effective lead generation
  • Program incentives and levels to reward partner success

 How do we ensure partner success?

We provide our partners with enablement programs to ensure that partners build the necessary skills to deliver customer success. Our partner enablement programs include:

  • Sales skills training To enable our partners in professional selling skills based on the proven PropMatrix selling methodology
  • Product training To enable our partners on PropMatrix, the product
  • Best practice and process training To enable our partners on the PropMatrix implementation methodology and best practices for delivering success
  • Platform and technology training To enable our partners on the PropMatrix platform capabilities for advanced system integration and customized CRM delivery

Sell and deliver PropMatrix CRM solution that offer fast implementation, affordability, and flexibility – to meet needs of businesses seeking solutions to become more competitive.

To become a PropMatrix partner or to get more information on the partner program, please email us at

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About PropMatrix Real Estate CRM
PropMatrix is most trusted & best known real estate software as a Service (SaaS) model customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to real estate agents & Developers which makes sales, leasing, business management and marketing of real estate easy and fast.

PropMatrix's extensive features list helps you delight your clients with the professional & personalized touch in all your interactions with them whether you are sending out a report on properties matching their interest or sending a reminder through an SMS before every pre-scheduled site visit.
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