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Does Your Property Software do That?
When we talk about Unique Selling Point (USP) of PropMatrix property software we offer a vast number of things and a few among them are the most important aspects that make us stand out as software makers.

  • Web based - Use it from anywhere & Anytime
  • Individual Login for every Employee
  • Auto-Matching (Lead-Property)
  • Auto-Generation Of Property Catalogue
  • Automatic Meeting & Task Alerts
  • Auto reminders of payments
  • Auto wishes (Festivals , Date Of Birth & Anniversary )
  • Fully integrated Websites with CRM
  • Easy Export & Import any time
  • Networking within professional

& Many More...

Web based - Use it from anywhere & anytime:  PropMatrix is Online Software for real estate which gives you privilege to access your database anywhere & anytime; all you need is a seamless Internet connection with you. So next time when you want to travel with your database readily available then call us.

Individual Login for every Employee: You can provide individual logins to each employee enabling them to work on their leads independently and you can keep tabs on them, being the admin user of software.

Auto-Matching (Lead-Property): PropMatrix is smart software which gives you automatic suggestion for your leads and properties that are saved in your database.

Auto-Generation of Property Catalogue: Now creation of catalogue for each and every enquiry is no longer required, use PropMatrix real estate management Software and get auto generated catalogue for every individual Property.

Automatic Meeting Alerts: PropMatrix CRM software  gives you auto Meeting & Task alerts so  you need not to worry about your important meetings and tasks slipping from your mind, it will provide you with timely reminders through SMS & Email.

Auto reminders of payments: Get your payments on time as this system will always keep reminding you about your payment schedules.

Auto wishes (Festivals, Date of Birth & Anniversary): Wishing your customer on Festivals and other occasions is not an exhausting task for you now as PropMatrix takes of sending greetings to your customers.

Fully integrated Website with CRM: Go for a completely integrated CRM & Website solution of PropMatrix and keep track of every lead and property which you receive from your personal website

Easy Export & Import any time: This system is simple to use hence you can Import and Export data according to your convenience at anytime. This gives you leverage of easy entry and exit option.

Networking within professional: You can now network and connect with other PropMatrix users allowing you to share your requirement and receive help in getting them fulfilled and vice-versa.

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About PropMatrix Real Estate CRM
PropMatrix is most trusted & best known real estate software as a Service (SaaS) model customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to real estate agents & Developers which makes sales, leasing, business management and marketing of real estate easy and fast.

PropMatrix's extensive features list helps you delight your clients with the professional & personalized touch in all your interactions with them whether you are sending out a report on properties matching their interest or sending a reminder through an SMS before every pre-scheduled site visit.
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